With over 65 years of printing history, we’ve developed a unique set of steps that will ensure a successful print project. Look over our Keys To Success and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

1) Define your budget
When we work with our clients to develop their budget, it’s not to see how much we can get from them, it’s to see how much we can GIVE you for your money. Developing your budget first creates parameters that keep all contributing teams focused on a synchronized end result.

2) Develop your physical format
4-page, 16-page, die-cut, straight trim, with or without pockets – the result of defining your budget helps determine the final physical format. Once this has been defined, your creative team can begin their process of communications brainstorming. This is a critical step to ensuring a smooth and predictable result. Please contact us for Free Consultation at this stage – a little advice can sometimes save literally thousands of dollars.

3) Select stock, inks, coatings and bindery techniques
Selecting these physical characteristics can help create and enhance your brand identity. With such important aspects including touch, tone, style and format, this stage can be useful to extend the impact of your marketing dollar. Please contact us for tips and suggestions – we can hopefully brainstorm with you to create some marketing impact.

4) Request an estimate
Contact us to Request An Estimate to confirm you are still on budget. This is one stage where you definitely want to eliminate any future surprises.

5) Begin design and production
Starting design and production before this step could cost both time and money. If you’ve created a motivational design for a 9" x 12" die-cut pocketed brochure, and later find you need to produce a 4" x 9" direct mail sales sheet, your creative team will have to go back to square one. If you do not have a creative team to produce your design, contact us for a quote on Design.

6) Spot proofs
Be sure to run preliminary spot proofs of all graphic elements prior to going to final proofs. Gang graphic elements to run inexpensive color proofs. If your CEO’s picture has too much magenta, he or she could end up looking like a sunburned lobster, so take the guesswork out of the final product by running preliminary proofs.

7) Send us your final files
This is your last time to review the job before going to press. At this stage we will only go to press after we have received your signature. Any Typesetting or Editing still needed? Allow us to help, or re-supply new art for a new set of proofs.

8) Press Proof
We encourage all our clients to visit us on press as we print your project. Printing is an organic art, and sometimes your personal judgement can help ensure a perfect delivery. If you can’t make it, each of our staff has a minimum of 10-20 years of printing experience so you can relax, your in good hands.

9) Delivery
After final bindery and shipping you can now take your communications to your market and create sales. Please contact us after you’ve used your piece. We are always interested in how effective it has been for you and your ROI. It helps us to work with you of future successful programs.